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Zinc plating
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Chrome plating
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Copper plating
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Tin plating
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Environmental management systems standard LST EN ISO 14001:2015
Galvanta UAB has been certified from 2018 and works according to the international Environmental management ...
Free from Cr6+ chrome plating process
New generation technology is free from Cr6+ compounds and meets the requirements of RoHS Directive.
Automotive Industry Forum
Galvanta, UAB will participate in the Automotive Industry Forum, which will take place on May 16, 2024, ...
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Restoration Restoration Restoration Restoration


Repairs and Renovation of Old Cars


    Restoration means repair, renovation and chrome plating of old vehicle parts.
Chrome plating of vehicle parts is very popular in spite of the fact that in vehicle industry it was only introduced about from 1925.
    Surface chrome plating creates mirror-like metallised coating, which significantly increases resistance to wear, corrosion and external influences, also renders excellent decorative appearance, making the vehicle look unique and inimitable.

    Restoration process
    Restoration of vehicle parts consists of several complex mechanical and electrochemical metal-processing processes. It starts from electrochemical removal of the old plating.
    Complexity and duration of mechanical processing of surface and its preparation for chrome plating depend on condition of a part and corrosion depth; quite frequently we restore parts with ‘pits’.
    Chrome plating of a part to be restored comprises three metal-plating processes: copper plating, nickel plating and chrome plating.
    The copper plating is used as an under-layer /prime plating/, which allows levelling small surface irregularities, dents and scratches, and provides surface shining. Before plating a part with nickel, its copper surface must be carefully polished. This is one of the most important steps to obtain the final chromed mirror-like plating. The nickel plating is used as intermediary protective layer before chrome plating. Then the nickel surface is chrome plated.

Can any vehicle parts be restored / chrome plated?
    We can restore and chrome plate any parts except silencers and wheel rims.
    Parts made of aluminium, plastics, stainless steel and various alloys cannot be restored or chrome plated.


"Door to Door"

We provide comprehensive logistics services - by costumers needs we can pack, mount and deliver costumers goods door to door at the right time.

Free from Cr6+ chrome plating process

New generation technology is free from Cr6+ compounds and meets the requirements of RoHS Directive.


Much attention is given to the quality of anti-corrosive coating, which helps us to reach within a few decades of experience, cutting-edge technology and strict monitoring processes corresponding to the ...