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Zinc plating
Blue zinc plating
Yellow-rainbow zinc plating
“Rainbow” zinc plating free from Cr6+ compounds
Black zinc plating
Green “Olive” zinc plating
Zinc plating before powder dyeing
Zinc nickel
Zinc Iron
Chrome plating
Chrome plating
ecochrome plating
Satin chrome plating
Nickel plating
Satin nickel plating
Copper plating
Copper plating
Old copper
Aluminum processing
“Satin” anodizing
Colour anodizing
Colourless anodizing
Stainless steel electro-polishing
Matte etching
Electrochemical polishing
Tin plating
Tin plating
Steel oxidation
Steel and cast iron oxidising
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Free from Cr6+ chrome plating process
New generation technology is free from Cr6+ compounds and meets the requirements of RoHS Directive.
The international management system standard LST EN ISO 9001:2008.
Galvanta UAB has been certified from January 2012 and works according to the international Management ...
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Galvanta UAB has been certified from January 2012 and works according to the international Management system standard LST EN ISO 9001:2008.


Plating made by our company meet regional, as well as international standards:


Galvanizing complies with DIN 50961, DIN EN ISO 2081 standards. Passivations performed according to the ISO 4520 standard.

Zinc nickel meets the LST EN ISO 2081standard.

Zinc iron meets the LST EN ISO 2081standard.

Hot-dip galvanizing meets the LST EN ISO 1461 standard.

Copper-nickel-chromium plating meets the DIN 50 967, LST EN ISO 1456:2009 standard.

Copper plating meets LST 1403 standard.

Aluminum processing

Aluminum anodizing is colorless; colour anodising meets the MIL-A-8625F (1), LST EN 12373-1 standards.
Chemical oxidation of aluminum meets the MIL-DTL-81706B, MIL-DTL-5541F, DIN EN ISO 9227 standards.

Electrochemical polishing of stainless steel meets the LST EN ISO 2080 standard.

Tin plating comply with ISO 2093 standard.

Oxidation of the steel meets the LST EN ISO 11408th



* International standards: ISO;

** Regional Standards: EN - Europeans;

*** National Standards: LST - Lithuania, DIN - German.

New technology

We use more than 30 advanced metal plating technologies, which we choose according to customer’s needs and goals and technical requirements. When necessary, we select, match and install new technol ...

"Door to Door"

We provide comprehensive logistics services - by costumers needs we can pack, mount and deliver costumers goods door to door at the right time.


Much attention is given to the quality of anti-corrosive coating, which helps us to reach within a few decades of experience, cutting-edge technology and strict monitoring processes corresponding to the ...